- Custom Longbows Since 1978 -

If you prefer a contemporary traditional straight limb longbow this may be the bow for you. Inspired by Howard Hill the English has the traditional lines of straight limb longbows with a few modifications to complement its shooting characteristics.  The mid-handle design allows the handle riser and limbs to flow together giving the bow the appearance of an old English longbow.  I believe you will find this to be one of the most comfortable and stable Hill style longbows you have ever shot. 

The Classic is a string follow Hill style longbow that incorporates many of the same design features that the English has.  Extremely smooth and forgiving, the simplicity of this bow is sure to connect you with your traditional roots. This model is built with a slightly forward handle which makes it one of the best pointing longbows you will ever have the pleasure of shooting.  

Each model is available with either a locator or straight grip. Locator grips are now available the option exposed wood for those who prefer to maximize the beauty of the wood.

For optimum performance the brace height on these models should be set at about 6.5" - 7".