- Custom Built Longbows since 1978 -


This hybrid longbow is a top performer in today’s market of highly reflex deflexed longbows. The Edge is smooth drawing and fast shooting but not sensitive to release flaws, a problem that can occur with some highly reflexed longbows. This model will provide you with the edge you need when that all important shot of a lifetime presents itself. Reminiscent of Euro/Asian horse bows with their distinctive strung profile, the Edge forgoes the traditional D-shape profile but still keeps you in touch with your traditional roots. For optimum performance set the brace height at about 7.5"-7.75".


A longtime staple in my line of bows I’m bringing the Chief back into production. Proven over the years, this bow has been a favorite model for many of my loyal customers and it’s time to re-insert it into my line of longbows. A solid and stable hybrid longbow the Chief will provide another option for those who prefer the shooting qualities of hybrid longbows. For optimum performance set the brace height at about 7".25.