From Roseburg, Oregon in the heart of the Umpqua Valley, Liberty Bows are hand crafted the old-fashioned way: one bow at a time, for the traditional archer who demands the best possible quality and performance in a longbow.

From the time I built my first longbow in 1978 to the present, I have developed and field-tested numerous designs and my bows have evolved over the years, through a labor of love, to offer a selection of traditional longbows that will meet your individual preferences in design, beauty and performance. 

From the contoured grip of my reflex/deflex bows, to the traditional straight grips of the Hill style bows and the sculptured tip overlays, my bows are crafted meticulously with the most discriminating archer in mind. 

Bows can be customized with yew, bamboo or myrtle core wood in the limbs, a variety of exotic wood choices for veneers and handle risers, along with handle and tip overlays to complement the overall look. Each bow is finished with durable satin epoxy finish and comes with a three-strand flemish twist string. Whatever your style preference, Liberty Bows are always built to be stable, accurate and enjoyable to shoot.

I am fortunate to have successfully harvested my share of big game animals and also claim a couple of wins in Oregon's coveted Pope and Young Shoot, a competition unique to Oregon, which dates back to 1936 featuring both longbow and recurve shooters in the same competition.

At its inception, the Pope and Young Shoot was established to be both entertaining and a test of archery hunting equipment for hunting season. The competition incudes three evens, the Clout (180 yards) and Wand (100 yards) 36 arrows each and a fifty round animal shoot with targets set at realistic hunting distances. This is a true test of an archers overall skills. The original Pope and Young trophy, which has all winners ascribed, is now the property of Traditional Archers of Oregon and can be viewed at

So whether you are headed out for that once in a lifetime hunt or for a day at the range, shoot a bow that has proven itself in every arena; experience the freedom of traditional archery and shoot a Liberty Bow!

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